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How To Pay


First, follow steps below to pay your order.

首先, 按照以下步骤来支付您的订单。



If you're going to make payment thru ATM or bank counter, kindly provide your order id to our customer service team by email or Facebook Inbox. They will assist you in the next steps.

如果您想直接到银行柜台或ATM把钱支付到我们的银行户口,您可以通过 email 或 Facebook Inbox 来提供您的订单号码给我们的客户服务员,他们将让您知道下一个步骤以及我们的银行户口资料。


email: spd.shoppingday@outlook.com

Facebook Inbox: https://www.facebook.com/shoppingday.com.my



You will received a confirmation email from IPAY88 once your payment has been

made successfully, and IPAY88 will inform us to proceed your order.

For shipping date, please refer to the Fine Print stated in deal description.


付款成功后, 您会收到 IPAY88 的电邮通知,同时 IPAY88 也会通知我们处理您的订单。

关于送货日期,请查看该团购活动里,活动描述的 Fine Print 部分。